Complete Guide to Stereo Width

In this course, Senior Tutor Rob Jones arms you with all the knowledge you need to tackle stereo mixing. With a comprehensive look at how various Live effects can affect stereo width, as well as a guide on how to construct customisable Ableton Live Effect Racks, this course is a must for any producer looking to create huge, wide sounding mixes.

Module Details

  • 1. Module 1: Panning and the Utility Effect
    Beginning with an explanation of what the stereo width of a signal is, this module then goes on to demonstrate how panning can be used to achieve a wider signal. The lesson also shows how the utility effect can be used to gain greater control over mid and side signals.
  • 2. Module 2: Delay
    This lesson shows how simple delay, ping pong delay, and filter delay can all be used to widen a signal.
  • 3. Module 3: Chorus
    This lesson shows how the chorus effect can be used to generate stereo width, and how this can be shaped by a filter to clean up the mix.
  • 4. Module 4: Reverb
    The module begins with a guide on using utility to check the processing on samples. Then, Live's reverb effect is explored, with each parameter's effect on the stereo width of a signal clearly demonstrated.
  • 5. Module 5: Detuning
    The effect of detuning on stereo width is explored in detail, and there is a guide on detuning a synth patch to thicken it, as well some tips on detuning a vocal sample to widen it.
  • 6. Module 6: Adjusting Phase
    There is an explanation of what phase is, and its impact on a signal. Then, the module teaches how to adjust the phase of a signal using the utility effect.
  • 7. Module 7: Mid/Side EQ
    This lesson teaches how to EQ left and right, and mid and side signals differently to increase the width of a signal.
  • 8. Module 8: Other Mid/Side Processing
    A variety of other effects used to process the side signal are demonstrated, including compression, frequency shifter and grain delay.
  • 9. Module 9: Rack Presets
    This lesson goes though the effect racks built throughout the course so far, and shows how to use them in Live.
  • 10. Bonus Module 1: Building a Chorus Rack
    A step by step guide to constructing a fully customisable chorus rack using simple delay and other live devices.
  • 11. Bonus Module 2: Stereo Plugins
    A brief look at some 3rd party stereo width plugins.
  • 12. Bonus Module 3: Putting it All Together
    A detailed look at the stereo considerations of individual tracks, return tracks and the master channel in a real life mixdown scenario.
Author Rob Jones
Contains Streaming Movies, Live Project, Effect Racks
Course Provider Producertech
Length 2 Hours
Price $28.36

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