Drumming for Dance Music (EDM) with Paul Kodish


This new course from Producertech is the first of its kind, bringing you expert tuition from professional musician Paul Kodish, the drummer from legendary bands such as Pendulum, Apollo 440 and DJ Fresh.

In this comprehensive series of tutorials, Paul advises on everything from setting up and basic techniques, through to the different strokes and rhythms that create various beats. Then, there are groups of lessons that deal with individual grooves for specific types of dance music, namely HIP HOP, DRUM AND BASS, DUBSTEP and HOUSE & BREAKS.

All of the grooves and variations, as well as the different basslines and leads they are played along to, are provided in audio and MIDI format, within Ableton Live, Logic and Reason sessions and also as individual files for those without a DAW. So, whether you own music software or not, you'll easily be able to precisely recreate the beats Paul plays.

In addition to the module movies, DAW sessions and accompanying audio and MIDI files, there are a bunch of additional Loopmasters samples in each of the musical genres, so students have even more material to drum along to.

For anyone wanting to learn to play professional standard classic dance music beats with an acoustic, electronic or hybrid drum kit, this course is for you!

Module Details

  • 1. Module 1 - Intro to the Course and Hand Technique
    In this lesson, Paul introduces the course and then begins by showing some different methods for holding the sticks.
  • 2. Module 2 - Foot Technique
    This lesson covers the different ways of using the foot to create single and double strokes on the kick drum.
  • 3. Module 3 - Drum Positioning
    Some brief advice about how drums should be positioned.
  • 4. Module 4 - Hi Hat Technique
    In this module, Paul teaches the different types of hi hat sound and how they are created.
  • 5. Module 5 - Choosing your kit
    In this lesson, Paul explains his preferred choice of drums, cymbals and sticks, and also talks about the benefits of having a hybrid kit (acoustic and electronic mixed), where regular drums are combined with Roland V drums to produce both natural and sampled sounds.
  • 6. Module 6 - Simple Exercises I - Single and Double Strokes
    This lesson teaches basic timing, introducing the different note values and showing how they can be played with single or double strokes.
  • 7. Module 7 - Simple Exercises II - 1/4, 1/8 and 1/16 note rolls
    In this module, Paul shows how to play simple 1/4, 1/8 and 1/16 note rolls over a click track.
  • 8. Module 8 - Simple Exercises III - Triplets
    This lesson shows how to play triplets, using different combinations of single and double strokes.
  • 9. Module 9 -Advanced Exercises I - Triplets and Paradiddles
    In this lesson, Paul demonstrates triplets again and also introduces paradiddles, showing some examples of how they can be used in grooves and fills.
  • 10. Module 10 - Advanced Exercises II - paraparadiddles and flams
    This lessons shows some even more complex rhythms, such as paraparadiddles and then flams, once again showing how to practice them and some practical examples of when they can be used.
  • 11. Hip Hop Loop 1
    This lesson demonstrates the first hip hop loop, which is a straight groove with some offbeat snares in the middle.
  • 12. Hip Hop Loop 1 Variation 2
    This lesson covers hip hop loop 1, variations 1 and 2, where variation 2 adds an extra kick on the first beat.
  • 13. Hip Hop Loop 2
    In this lesson, Paul demonstrates hip hop drum loop 2, variations 1 and 2, which include some faster 1/16 note double kick and snare patterns.
  • 14. Hip Hop Loop 3
    This lesson teaches hip hop drum loop 3, which is a jazzier groove, featuring three 1/16 note cymbals on the first beat, then an alternating kick and snare.
  • 15. Hip Hop Loop 4
    In this lesson, Paul shows hip hop loop 4. This is a groove starting with an offbeat snare at the end of beat 4. Variation 2 has a an extra 1/16 note hi hat pedal on beat 3.
  • 16. Hip Hop Loop 5
    In this lesson, Paul teaches hip hop drum loop 5, which features a 1/16 note hi hat pedal on beat 2 and a double stroke snare on beat 4.
  • 17. Hip Hop Extra Exercises and Tips
    This lesson provides some extra advice on how to practice each of the loops, as well as showing some additional 1-bar loops to try.
  • 18. Hip Hop Jam
    In this lesson, Paul jams with all of the hip hop drum loops.
  • 19. Drum and Bass Intro
    This lesson explains one of the most important breaks in drum and bass, that being the amen break.
  • 20. Drum and Bass Loop 1
    This module teaches both variations of the first drum and bass drum loop, which is a simple groove with alternating kick and snare.
  • 21. Drum and Bass Loop 2
    In this lesson, Paul shows drum and bass loop 2, which is a Bristol groove, adding some extra syncopated snare hits on beats 2 and 3.
  • 22. Drum and Bass Loop 3
    This lesson shows the third drum and bass loop, which is a hi hat groove, incorporating syncopated hats on beats 2 and 3 of the bar.
  • 23. Drum and Bass Loop 4
    This lesson demonstrates drum and bass loop 4, which is a longer groove that begins at half speed and has a fill in the middle consisting of fast, repeating kicks.
  • 24. Drum and Bass Loop 5
    In this lesson, Paul shows the fifth drum and bass drum loop, which is the same groove as that used on DJ Fresh's 'Hot Right Now'.
  • 25. Drum and Bass Loop 6
    This lesson shows drum loop 6, which includes a fast double kick drum stroke and repeating snare pattern.
  • 26. Drum and Bass Loop 7
    This lesson shows a couple of variations of a jazzy groove, which has different patterns of alternating kick and snare on beats 2 and 3 of the bar.
  • 27. Drum and Bass Loop 8
    This lesson teaches the most complex drum and bass loop, with alternating dotted snares and double kicks.
  • 28. Drum and Bass Jam
    In this lesson, Paul jams with all of the dnb drum loops.
  • 29. Dubstep Loop 1
    This lesson shows dubstep drum loop 1, which is a simple alternating kick and snare on beats 1 and 3 and 1/4 note or 1/8 note cymbals. Variation 3 includes an extra double stroke snare at the end of the phrase.
  • 30. Dubstep Loop 2
    In this lesson, Paul shows dubstep loop 2, which adds some faster kicks of different lengths at the end of the phrase.
  • 31. Dubstep Loop 3
    This lesson shows the third dubstep drum loop, which has some triplet rolls at the end.
  • 32. Dubstep Loop 4
    In this lesson, Paul demonstrates the fourth dubstep loop, which has some extra kicks in the middle and some triplet hat strokes at the end.
  • 33. Dubstep Loop 5
    In this lesson, Paul teaches dubstep drum loop 5, which features a nice repeating, alternating kick and snare pattern and a triplet drum roll at the end.
  • 34. Dubstep Loop 6
    This lesson shows dubstep loop 6, which extends loop 2, combining it with some different cymbal rhythms and adding a flam fill at the end.
  • 35. Dubstep Loop 7
    In this lesson, Paul teaches the seventh dubstep loop, which expands on loop 3, by adding extra kicks and moving the roll around the kit.
  • 36. Dubstep Loop 8
    This lesson demonstrates dubstep drum loop 8, which incorporates 1/16 note double kicks and fast triplet rolls.
  • 37. Dubstep Loop 9
    In this lesson, Paul teaches the final dubstep drum loop, which combines elements from some of the other loops and ends with a heavy fill on the kick and snare.
  • 38. House and Breaks Loop 1
    In this lesson, Paul shows the first house drum loop, which is a simple four to the floor groove.
  • 39. House and Breaks Loop 2
    This lesson covers house drum loop 2, which is a straight four to the floor, but with an offbeat hi hat and a double kick at the end.
  • 40. House and Breaks Loop 3
    This groove is another four to the floor, but with an 1/8 note cymbal pattern and a hi hat shuffle.
  • 41. House and Breaks Loop 4
    In this lesson, the beat gets more syncopated, as the style shifts over to breaks. The groove features 4 variations in total, including some fast double kicks and nice snare fills.
  • 42. House and Breaks Loop 5
    This lesson teaches the fifth and final drum loop, which is a house groove that combines different elements from the previous loop, with an offbeat hat, hi hat shuffles and different rolls.
  • 43. Outro - Final words and advice
    Paul shares some pro tips and advice for budding drummers.
Author Paul Kodish
Contains streamed movies, software sessions, audio and MIDI files
Course Provider Producertech
Format Streaming
Length 43 Lessons
Price $55.24

Customer Reviews

Reviewed by MusicTech Magazine

This streaming online course is purely about drumming for electronic music, focusing on hip hop, dubstep, house, breaks and drum & bass. [...]

Paul’s presentation style is quite informal, throwing in various useful tidbits of information as they become relevant. This makes the course feel more like a long one-on-one tutorial session, which we think works well when learning a new instrument. [...]

The techniques are solid and will help beginners [and intermediate drummers] to focus on the right area if electronic music is their thing.


February 2015
Reviewed by Jon from Bang the DJ

With the substantial accompanying materials, Paul’s professional tuition and the ability to access the lessons 24/7 from wherever you are in the world, all for an attractive price, this new course is the ideal purchase for anyone wanting to learn how to play slamming dance music drums!


February 2014

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