In the Studio with DJ Santé


Producertech Presents a brand new course that uncovers the secrets behind making a classic house track, by one of Berlin's hottest up and coming DJs and Producers, Santé.

This series of tutorials were shot live in Santé's studio and guide you through how to use Ableton Live to construct the hit record 'Do You Wanna 808' on Desolat, showing how to sequence the beats, make the bassline and then how to arrange, mix and process all the parts, creating both mastered and pre-mastered versions of the song.

In addition to the lessons, the course also comes with a selection of loops from Santé's Groove Essentials Loopmasters sample pack, including drums, bass, tops, music and FX.

Module Details

  • 1. Creating the Beats and Bass
    Santé creates and imports the main components in the track, sequencing the beats with a drum rack, playing in the bassline with the V-Station and then adding various loops and sounds which form the basic building blocks of the track.
  • 2. Improving the Mix
    This lesson shows how to process the different sounds using both insert effects such as compressors and EQs, as well as different send effects, to improve the sound of the mix and give the track some professional touches.
  • 3. Arranging the Track
    This lesson is a thorough guide to arranging the track, showing how each part is constructed and the various editing and automation used to create breakdowns, rises in tension and massive dancefloor-destroying drops, whilst ensuring the track also has good continuity and flow.
  • 4. Final Touches and Mastering
    This movie shows how to tweak the final mix and some easy ways of preparing your track for uploading or sending to a label, using Live's various mastering effects.
Author Santé
Contains Videos, Samples
Format Streaming
Length 80 mins
Level Beginners-Intermediate
Provider Producertech Presents
Price $33.10

Customer Reviews

Reviewed by Petri

this course should give an idea for new Ableton Live users how to build a groovy house track. Plus, it’s always inspirational to see how other producers create their music.

September 2013
In the studio with dj Santé
Reviewed by Fabio Lo Campo from Italy

excellent sound and mix. this short races is excellent for those who want to know the techniques for a good mix.
Thank you so much dj Santé hope in your next advanced course.

March 2013

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