Maschine House Production Course

Want a little help figuring out how to make music with Maschine? Wondering what the stages of putting a classic house track together are?

This course helps satisfy both requirements by showing you how to make a classic house track with Maschine, from the initial beat creation, right through to final mastering of the output bus!

The lengthy lesson, in 2 parts, is the final module from the full Maschine course, which goes through every individual process in more detail - a complete beginner may want to check out that instead. However, someone with a little experience of Maschine already, or a fast learner, can enrol right away to learn a whole host of tricks for music making with Maschine and taking your house production skills to new levels!

The course comes with written notes to follow, as well as the Project made in the movies. Plus, there are 100 additional house samples from Loopmasters included in the course pack. For more information and a full breakdown of the lesson content, check out the free information pack.

Module Details

  • 1. Part I - Creating Beats and Bass
    This lesson kicks things off by making the main beats - a standard house pattern, made with step mode, and then groove parts, played and drawn in, to embellish the beat. The bassline is then added, made using Massive and its modulators to create a classic 303 sound. The drums are then processed, individually and together, to fatten up the mix.
  • 2. Part II - Creating Leads and FX. Arranging, Mixing and Mastering.
    Continues working on the track by making some lead parts and then using all of the groups to create scenes (combinations of patterns), which are then laid out into a basic arrangement. The mix is then improved with effects, and the arrangement fine tuned with effects automation and editing. The final mix is then beefed up with a chain of mastering effects on the output bus.
Author Rob Jones
Contains Videos, Notes, Project File, Samples
Format Streaming
Length 1hr 10mins
Level Beginners-Advanced
Provider Producertech
Price $22.04

Customer Reviews

Maschine House Production Course
Reviewed by Euan Murchie from Berlin

Having recently purchased a Maschine by N.I. I was looking for a course to get me working quickly (as I am not a fan of instruction manuals) so decided to give this a try.
Even though the course is titled "House Production" it would be useful for anyone looking for a quick introduction about putting together tracks in Maschine.
The videos are easy to follow and clearly take you through the various sections. As well as tips on creating a house tune it also has great info about production areas such as using FX to help tracks sit in the mix.
Really happy with this purchase and will be getting the full course on Maschine to further my learning.
Top marks from me.

February 2013

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