Our Team

At music-courses.com we are passionate about music and felt you might be interested to meet some of the people in the team.

Rob Jones - Senior Trainer

With music being Rob's greatest passion from day one, which has seen him perform in the West End, at Glyndebourne and in multiple bands, he decided to make it his career in 1998 when he applied for the prestigious Tonmeister course at the University of Surrey. Having obtained his Bachelor of Music and Sound Recording, he immediately began a marketing role with leading audio manufacturer Focusrite, which expanded soon after due to a merge with the neighbouring synthesizer company Novation, of which Rob became the Brand Manager. Other roles within the company over his five years working with them included the creation of all training documents, manuals, tutorial and promo videos. Now a freelance producer of tutorial videos, based in Berlin, Rob makes music on the side using his preferred software platform Logic, which he discovered whilst working at his first NAMM show in Anaheim, CA back in 2004. Having produced electronic music and DJ'd for over half of his life, he now releases a fusion of groove-based dance music genres for an assortment of labels, including Erase and Acidphonic, under the artist name Anarchy Rice.

Matt Pelling - Course Director

Matt Pelling is MD of Loopmasters.com the premier resource for royalty free sounds and samples for Producers Worldwide. Starting as a drummer in a band at the age of 14, Matt soon got involved with synths , samplers and all things electronic in his late teens. He worked as Marketing Manager for UK Sample Distributor Time and Space, Ad agency Saatchi and Saatchi, The National Lottery and then for various job websites before returning to music around 10 years ago to build the Loopmasters label. A keen sampler and electronic music evangelist, he brings a customer perspective to music-courses.com and has been part of the vision to help create this new environment for learning music online.
“I’m very happy to be involved with this new concept in distance learning, which will allow people from all backgrounds to learn music in the comfort of their own homes, with great support from passionate professionals!”

Tim Dawson - Operations Director

Tim Dawson is a serial web entrepreneur with a string of successful web based businesses under his belt. His first web project back in 1999 was a jobs web site for the aviation industry which quickly grew to be the largest aviation specialist jobsite on the net. This along with 3 other specialist jobs websites was sold to a large publishing company in 2005. Since then he has embarked on a string of other web based projects, a nursing jobs website called Nurses.co.uk, a watches classified site called Watchtraders.co.uk and a schools rewards system called StudentRewards.co.uk.
"We are very fortunate to have pulled together some of the leading figures within the music tuition industry to create an online learning environment that I believe will revolutionise learning and development for music students."

Celine Isaac - Sales & Admin Executive

Celine is a French/Portuguese multi-instrumentalist musician and singer. After living in Brittany, Paris, Boston (USA) and Tahiti, she is now based in the UK where she plays music and teaches music, French and Spanish. She has worked for several companies building websites and has specialised in Search Engine Optimisation. 'Ten years ago I wanted to become a sound engineer, but the educational system in France didn't allow it because I had chosen languages studies. Sadly I had to give up on the idea. Who knows what would have happened if music-courses.com existed back then? I am now really pleased to be able to help people from all ages and backgrounds to study what really interests them in the music field in their own time.'

Clive Smart - Technical Director

Clive Smart has been the technical architect behind many successful web businesses over the past 12 years and brings a wide ranging wealth of knowledge from database technologies to multimedia to the project. He is also an accomplished musician and producer.
"For me this is a fantastic project as I believe it will allow musicians and producers to gain an in depth understanding of their creative tools at a pace that suits them."